High performance and quality

We, EXE Solar, guarantee for 15 years that our solar panels are free from material or manufacture defects, based on the certifications ISO9001 - ISO14001 and ISO18001 and due to the usage of high-quality materials and continuous quality-tests during and after the production.

EXE Solar plus tolerance
EXE Solar panels shall be delivered exclusively with plus tolerance. EXE Solar panels have an exceptional performance plus until 5Wp of the linear performance. This performance plus increases the yield for costumers on their installation.

By buying Solar panels with 260 Wp linear performance, the costumer will get between 260 and 264,99 Wp of real capacity. This means that the costumer will have up to 2% benefit for free. EXE lets constantly this benefit be verified by testing institute.

EXE Solar linear performance guarantee
High quality result in high performance. We can guarantee increased performance to our costumer, due to our working quality system – and this through the years. You, as our costumer, will have the assurance that the performance of your Photovoltaic installation will be secured for a period of over 25 years.

EXE guarantees that after the first year you will have a performance of at least 97% of the beginning linear performance and each year a maximal power reduction of 0,5%. Due to this, after the expiration of the 25 years, you will have a guaranteed performance of 85% of the initial linear performance.