60 monocrystalline cells Asia

  • 60 PV high-performance modules
  • Guaranteed positive output tolerance of 0... +5Wp by single measuring
  • Maximum 2400Pa snow load
  • Maximum stability through aluminium frame Soft Grip
  • High-quality junction box and connector systems
  • 15 years manufacturer's warranty
  • 25 years linear performance guarantee


Type EXM ... 156-60270*280*290*300310320
Nominal output Pmpp270Wp280Wp290Wp300Wp310Wp320Wp
Nominal voltage Umpp30,94V31,30V31,58V32,10V32,40V33,45V
Nominal current Impp8,80A8,96A9,20A9,41A9,57A9,59A
Short circuit current Isc9,41A9,50A9,62A9,66A9,97A10,05A
Open circuit voltage Uoc39,26V39,32V39,60V39,80V40,05V40,12V
Module conversion efficiency16,60%17,20%17,60%18,35%18,50%19,70%
Frontside3,2 mm anti-reflective glass
Cells60 monocrystalline high efficiency cells 156x156 mm 6" - 5BB
BacksideComposite film
Frame35 mm silver anodized aluminium frame
Mechanical data
LxWxH1640x991x35 mm
Weight19,5 kg with frame
Power connection
SocketProtection class IP67 (3 bypass diodes)
Wire110 cm / 4mm²
Plug-in-systemPlug / Socket IP67
Limit values
System voltage1000 VDC
NOCT*45°C +/- 2K
Max. load-carring-capacity5400 N/m² tested to 8000 Pa
Reverse current feed IR16,0 A
Temperature coefficients
Voltage Uoc-0,30%K
Current Isc+0,04%K
Output Pmpp-0,42%K
*NOCT, irradiance 800 W/m² AM 1,5; Wind speed 1m/s; Temperature 20°C
* production on demand